3 Exercises To Improve Your Game

woman lifting weights

Golf has changed a lot in the past century.

One thing that has changed a lot is the players. Golf players are making a slow transition from “country club gentlemen” to “true” athletes.

The introduction of fitness 

Not all golfers are jacked. In fact, some players are downright out of shape.

But it seems that now, cool players take care of their bodies. Tiger Woods certainly played a role in the popularization of fitness in the sport. He works out and cares about his physical appearance. 

There is no doubt that his physical ability is at least partly responsible for his immense success. As a consequence, a lot of amateur and pro golfers have started following his footsteps.

Want to do the same? Here are 3 essential exercises to improve your game.

1. The Russian Twist

Rotation is the key component of your swing. The Russian twist is probably the best exercise to train your core for this movement.

I would recommend doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions twice a week.

2. Pull ups

Although your legs play a big role in your swing, a lot of the force comes from your upper body. The pull up is in my opinion the best exercise you can do to improve your upper body strength.

A lot of beginners will find it hard to do even 1 repetition. Try using elastic bands to take some of the weight off when you are getting started.

I would recommend doing 3 sets of 6 repetitions (if you can) once a week.

3. The Bench Press

The bench press is very popular within the weight lifting community. Every week on Monday, you can see 75% of the guys at the gym doing this exercise.

Apart from the cosmetic results it undeniably provides, the bench press is an excellent exercise to develop your overall upper body strength. It will also strengthen the anterior part of your shoulders.

I would recommend doing 3 sets of 12 repetitions once a week.


You have probably noticed that I didn’t include all the “fancy” exercises recommended by most golf websites. Why is this?

I am a serious gym goer. What I have learnt through all these years of training is that the best exercises are the simplest. Those that engage multiple muscles at the same time (also called compound exercises).

What are your favorite exercises?