About Me

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Hi there, my name is Loïs Talagrand and I am a Tahitian guy who has been playing golf for over 10 years! I hit my first ball at the age of 12. At first, I didn't like golf (it's not a sport for kids!).  

But after practicing for a few years, I started enjoying it and I tried to find every way possible to improve my swing. In the picture above, you can see a picture of the practice net that is set up in my garden.

Why Golfer Authority?

I have spent hours and hours trying to learn from self-proclaimed experts on the Internet. What I found is that there is really good advice out there, but most of it is noise.

Now that I have years of experience behind me, I have decided to create the ultimate resource for serious golfers. My goal with this site is to give you trustworthy advice to take your golf to the next level. 

So What's In It For You?

Why should you read Golfer Authority? The answer is simple. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, you need trustworthy information. And that's what I am all about.

Loïs Talagrand

Founder and editor