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Last updated: September 15, 2019

Seniors are rich.

And by rich, I don’t mean financially. Seniors are wealthy in terms of time. While young people are busy studying or working, seniors have the freedom to spend their time however they want!

And everyone knows the best way to spend your retirement years is to go golfing.

But here's the thing. As a senior, you may have slightly less mobility than younger golfers. Back 20 years ago, this would have meant less distance on your drives.

But now, equipment manufacturers have come up with smart solutions specifically for senior golfers.

Let's take a look!

Are you in a rush?

The 5 best drivers for seniors are:

Do seniors need special drivers?


As you get older, you lose some strength and some mobility. Your range of motion may not be what it used to be, and your swing isn’t as fast as your younger peers. This can be an issue especially when you are trying to get some extra yards with your driver.

But is there a way around this? How can you improve your drive and match or beat younger players?

One word: technology.

Research in the area of material sciences have allowed manufacturers to make drivers specifically for seniors.

As a senior, you don't need a special driver. However, drivers made specifically for seniors can help make up for lower swing speed.

But how should you choose your driver? This is precisely what you are going to learn in this article.

How to choose a driver as a senior

Equipment manufacturers are well versed in material science. The past decade has seen some incredible advances in this field, leading to more powerful and forgiving drivers.

Golf brands are also aware that seniors make up a large portion of golfers. So a lot of their efforts target the older generations.

The issue is, brands like to give you the “marketing speech”. Complicated words just to sell you stuff…

But there are simple criteria to take into account when buying a driver as a senior. Here they are.

Launch angle

Seniors tend to have slower swing speed. What’s the consequence of this? The launch angle of the ball is going to be lower. In other words, your ball isn’t going to fly as high.

What can you do about this?

The simplest solution is to choose a driver with adjustable settings. These drivers typically allow you to adjust the “hosel”.

club anatomy

By adjusting the hosel, you are effectively changing the loft of the driver. 


Go to the driving range and try different settings. That’s the only way to know what is better for your swing speed.

The shaft


Nowadays, you can choose between graphite shafts and steel shafts. 

When buying drivers online, websites will typically give you a lot of shafts to choose from. If you are overwhelmed, remember this: it does NOT matter. Just choose a

graphite shaft.

steel VS graphite

As a senior golfer, you should go for the graphite shafts, because they are lighter.

Professional golfers prefer steel shafts because they vibrate much more. This allows them to get feedback on every shot and adjust their swing. 

However, seniors, beginners intermediate players will benefit much more from a graphite shaft. This will increase their swing speed and distance as well.


Pro golfers or people with a really fast swing should go for really stiff shafts. They will get more control over the ball.

shaft stiffness

Seniors and people with slower swing speed should go for more flexible shafts. This will give them more distance, while still providing good control.

Specifically, look for shafts with a Senior flex.


Seniors should buy clubs with longer shafts to get more swing speed and distance. But don’t overdo it! A shaft that is too long won’t give you enough control over the ball.

The drivers in this article are long enough to give you some extra yards, while still being in control.


What does it mean for a golf club to be forgiving? It simply means that you can get away with more mishits.


When your swing isn’t perfectly consistent (like most people), a forgiving club will still shoot the ball at a reasonable distance.

As a senior, unless you are a very advanced player who’s consistent with most of your shots, you should definitely consider a driver that provides some forgiveness.

Sweet spot

The sweet spot of a club is the area that you want to hit the ball with to get maximal distance.

sweet spot

You know when you shoot a ball and the impact just feels “right”? Chances are, you have hit the ball using the sweet spot of your club.

Some drivers have larger sweet spots. The issue with large sweet spots is that you will not get accurate feedback on mishits. But this is something that only advanced players should be concerned about.

The big upside with larger sweet spots is that you will get more distance, even if you are inconsistent with your swing. Of course, this is not a perfect solution. You should definitely try to improve your swing first. But a large sweet spot can be a great ally nonetheless.

Best drivers for seniors

Callaway Epic Flash

epic flash callaway

Best senior driver overall

The Epic Flash by Callaway is the successor of the “Epic driver”. It has quite a few modifications that seniors will like.

First, the shaft is longer. I talked about shaft length previously, but let me remind you. 

A short shaft will give you more control. Unfortunately, a shorter shaft also means less “lever effect”, which means less distance.

A longer shaft means more “lever effect”, and somewhat less control.

The Epic Flash driver has a longer shaft than its competitors, while still being good in terms of control.

There is also an adjustable hosel to increase or decrease the loft. Seniors tend to have slightly slower swings, which means that the ball may not fly as high.

By moving the hosel to a higher loft setting, you are solving this problem. The ball will fly higher and you will gain some distance.

This is a best-selling driver at an interesting price point. It is definitely not the cheapest driver you will find, but it is a no-brainer in terms of value.


  • More distance due to the longer shaft
  • More distance and ball flight due to the adjustable hosel
  • Great value compared to other drivers with similar features


  • The sound at impact is a bit dull

Cobra F9 SpeedBack

cobra f9

Best senior driver for distance

If you are looking for additional distance, this driver may be a good choice.

Senior golfers typically have a slower swing speed. This means that the ball speed is also decreased. The Cobra F9 was designed with ball speed in mind. I am not saying this is the perfect solution, but it can certainly help you a lot to get some extra yards.

It is also a very forgiving driver. This means that even when you shoot the ball off-center, you will still get some decent distance.

I personally really like how this club looks.


  • More distance due to increased ball speed 

  • Forgiving driver which makes your game more consistent

  • Great appearance


  • Because this driver is very forgiving, you won't get very accurate feedback on mishits

TaylorMade M5


Best senior driver for consistency

The clubface is much larger than other drivers. This means that you are more likely to hit your ball right in the center of the face. This will make you more consistent if you have a tendency to hit to ball off-center.

The M5 includes TaylorMade “Twist Face” technology. This technology allows the head to be more resistant during the impact with the ball.

The result is more distance (due to higher ball speed) and lower spin.

There are also some additional settings that you can change on the sole to modify the spin and the trajectory of your ball.


  • More distance (due to higher ball speed) and less spin with the Twist Face technology
  • Very consistent due to a larger clubface


  • You need to learn how to use the adjustable settings.

TaylorMade M6


Best senior driver for reduced spin

The spin has been reduced on this driver compared to other TaylorMade drivers.

Apart from the low spin, this driver has 2 main features:

  1. Low CG (Center of gravity)
  2. Twist Face technology

Let me show you what these 2 features are about.

Just like most recent TaylorMade drivers, it has the Twist Face technology. This basically makes the head more resistant to the impact with the ball. 

By combining a low CG and the Twist Face technology, the M6 is a good purchase for senior golfers due to the forgiveness and distance it provides.


  • More distance and forgiveness due to a low CG (center of gravity) and the Twist Face technology
  • Less spin than other TaylorMade drivers


  • There are better options in terms of forgiveness

Titleist 915 D2


Best senior driver for reduced spin

Titleist typically make golf clubs for advanced golfers. But recently, the brand has shifted direction and is trying to make clubs for beginners and intermediate golfers.

This driver has a deep channel on the sole. The goal of this feature is to reduce the spin by increasing the flexing of the face at impact. In other words, the crown and the sole will be able to flex in a uniform way when hitting the ball.

Titleist have also added some weight to the sole towards the toe in order to enhance the forgiveness of this club.

There is also an adjustable hosel if you want to change the loft. There are 16 different settings for the hosel, so you will probably find the one that’s right for you.

Overall, this driver isn’t solely focused on distance. It was manufactured to give you more workability.

I personally think the price tag is a bit high compared to most drivers with similar features. This is definitely not a good choice if you are looking for value.


  • Very workable driver

  • The added weight in the sole give some extra forgiveness

  • Adjustable hosel to change the loft (ideal for senior golfers)


  • This driver is very workable but isn’t focused on raw distance

  • High price compared to similar drivers

Getting more distance as a senior

The last word

Still don’t know which driver to choose?

The Callaway Epic Flash is the best driver for seniors because it has the following features:

  • A longer shaft, which means more distance. Seniors tend to have a lower swing speed, and the longer shaft makes up for this.

  • An adjustable hosel in order to change the loft of the driver. As a senior, you may have a lower swing speed. Having an adjustable hosel allows you to get the ball higher and further.

  • Great value. This driver may not be the least expensive, but it is situated at an interesting price point compared to similar drivers.

As a senior, you may have slightly reduced mobility and strength. However, golf manufacturers are focusing their efforts on senior golfers, because they make up a large proportion of their clients. As a result, they have come up with different drivers specifically for senior golfers.

Hopefully the information in this article helped you understand which driver is best for you.

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